Congressman Don Beyer Needs to "Get the Memo" That the CIA/MIC Clique is Disbanding: James Comey FBI, James Clapper, John Brennan CIA, Caroline Krass CIA, Bob Lit ODNI, & Donald Trump President Elect Can SOMEONE Tell Don Beyer the Congressman form Arlington "The Gig is OVER".... I'm Terrified ,,, One of My Mysterious Car Crashes Happened in His District.......

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: DOD Whistleblower Fears Congressman Don Beyer & his staff Pushing CIA "Russians Did It" Narrative Will Put Her on Another Hit List. Sharyn Bovat TIRED of Being Bullied- Wants Election OVER 
Date: December 15, 2016 at 12:23:29 PM EST
To: "O'Hanlon, Ann" <Ann.O'>,,,,,,, DANIEPM5 <>, Michael Reyes <>, Michael Dorris <>

The truth is Putin is a puppet of the CIA … I was part of the team that had Putin take a pic with Reagan when he was a KGB spy in the 80’s. 

 I sent Congressman Don Beyer and email asking for help.  I wanted him to help me get resolution in reference to my longstanding conflict with the CIA, i asked my representative  for help. I wanted Congressman Beyer to be an intermediary. I wanted quiet/peaceful resolution with the CIA clique that has bullied me.  In that email I wrote about issues showing the Clinton Foundation was linked to a CIA/MIC clique that’s corrupt. NOW i learn that Don Beyer is actively trying to hijack the election and give it to Clinton.
A few months ago 

I learned this a few days after I was told an effort by people linked to Mike Morrell (former high level CIA dude) was being made to kill Twitter ( the CIA gently bullied (call me 615-944-7599 & i’ll explain how) companies that expressed interest in buying Twitter- i heard recent agreements with Twitter & Verizon
stemmed from my “ wild tweeting”.  I believe in Twitter because it allows me to express my situation to ppl with the power to help me. Twitter is HOW i was able to get the threats against my life to stop. Anyway I was told the CIA wanted to be rid of Twitter so they the CIA could regain control of the MSM (like they never lost control?).  Anyway with Don Beyer appearing as a leader in Coup against President Elect Donald Trump I fear threats against my life will re-emerge. My grandfather asked Leon Panetta to “take care of me” when he knew he was about to die. I was told to reach out to then Rep Panetta ONLY if the favor i needed was big. My grandfather told me “I only got one favor”…. 

The only thing good about the MIC/CIA clique is they are loyal & why I’m alive today. People linked to Sec Panetta have given me info that has kept me alive, this at the same time I’ve been battling them… in a way it’s like I’m fighting Darth Vader.  I was told the MIC/CIA clique that was created post WW2 is now disbanding “they are cashing in their chips” ppl like representative Don Beyer need to “get the message”… the battle (election) is over.  I was told that people do stupid stuff when their scared & recently a lot of “odd deaths”…. it’s time to hit the political reset button in America.  Just give Trump a chance & if ppl like Rep Beyer don’t like him then run a non-corrupt candidate in 2020.  

I’ve given the FBI all the information I know. I’ve told the truth.  IF I’m wrong I want to know…. I’ve been told by a Gannett editor my blogs vetted at 85-90% accurate & the CIA /MSM won’t tell me what’s not accurate because that don’t want to admit what is.  

Sadly I’m not wrong about the CIA/MIC clique that wants to harm me.  

Sadly I learned Mike Reyes was forced to help them because he got caught hacking a company years ago when he was a vendor for a 3 letter agency  Mike is a good person who used me. Had the 3 letter agency not have told him to manipulate me I never would’ve known what I know now & that’s Verizon was a tool for the corrupt. I’m trying to believe NOW Verizon is with the “good guys” mainly because my portfolio manager at Fidelity put them in my managed account.  

I fear for my future because the CIA will not accept responsibility for the abuse done to a low level Cold War intel gatherer. More so I fear for the Bernie millennials that are being brainwashed that Trump is a puppet of Putin. The truth is Putin is a puppet of the CIA … I was part of the team that had Putin take a pic with Reagan when he was a KGB spy in the 80’s. What’s happening is complicated. ….Just like the Iran & Cuba stuff. 

All i want is to live…. I want no more car crashes ( i’ve had 2) …. I want to NOT be poisoned again (happened 3 times) I want to not be wrongfully jailed (happened 3 times) i want to live in a place where i can make friends and have a normal life. I’m starting to think that is not possible for me in the DC area. Still i was told living here is the safest place for me to be.  I was told stay on major roads cause the surveillance is great.  

This email is just to allege that Don Beyer is part of the clique & if i get killed to investigate him & his staffers. 

Thank you & Happy Holidays!

Sharyn Bovat