I have almost 6,500,000 Google+ Views. People KNOW I told truth about Russia NOT doing all the hacking. My heart was broken in the process of Obama's cover-up. I've been fighting tears since the week before the CIA decision to "go with the Russian narrative" .... I have PROOF the CIA told a Nat Sec Hacker to no longer talk to me. He was my GOOD FRIEND. John Brennan's ppl hurt a woman who has blogged to expose fraud & corruption during the holiday season. I find that DISGUSTING. I'm NOW recovering & soon I'll be louder and stronger. The Trump ppl believed me about Russia not doing all the hacking....Now I will verbalized ALL that I know to DESTROY the credibility of the agency that gave America the bad WMD intel and the "trumped up" hacking drama. I want RESPECT. TO MY VIEWERS I will be back... PLS stay with me while my heart heals.

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