***UPDATE*** Drones at UT Football Games.Mainstream Media Giant Gannett Limiting Issue at Why? Maria De Varenne Did Gracia Martore Tell YOU to Be Silent?

"....Republican Rep. Vince Dean of East Ridge added the late change to the bill ensure that police would be able to use drones for events like the.... University of Tennessee football games or NASCAR races ..."

The Tennessean has NOT reported  the story of DRONES in Tennessee.  

The people that own the Tennessean are not reporting stories that matter to society.  Gannett CEO Gracia Martore is in Bed with DOD Contractor.  She's getting 46 Million dollars "if" fired.  It's on an SEC report.

Clarification #1   - It's OK that Gracia Martore is "in bed" with DOD contractor.  It's her husband.

Clarification #2 I did some digging and found an article.   The topic STILL does not get attention it deserves but at least they reported something. Odd that article does NOT float to the top when googling.  Why?http://www.tennessean.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2013304110078

Mar 30, 2013 – Larry - Is It Fair that Gracia Martore Will Get 46 Million if She Does a Crappy Job? On Good Friday it was Reported that Gannett Dumps SEC ...

  1. Daily Kos: More corporate greed: Gannett CEO has $46 million ...www.dailykos.com/.../-More-corporate-greed-Gannett-CEO-h...Share Mar 29, 2013 – More corporate greed: Gannett CEO has $46 million termination package ... it was mentioned that CEO Gracia Martore had voluntarily given up ...

The Tennessean is NOT reporting much on the story...

Why did they NOT report this:

The House added an amendment saying they can also be used "to protect life and property during crowd monitoring situations." In debate, crowds and traffic during University of Tennessee football games was cited as an example of where drone monitoring might be desirable.

notice the Tennessean makes jokes about the serious issue.