Message to Reince Priebus & Americans for Prosperity

RNC Elite: 

Time to Respect
the Moderate.

Message to Priebus:
The Lobby Bar issue that I'm ranting about is small but it represents RESPECT.  

Koch People:  I'm a Supporter of  ALL Energy sources INCLUDING Coal & I'm a team player..... PROVED IT!    

I need a NEW Blogger ID 

Sharyn Bovat Was Used as a Decoy & Is OK with It... As Long as Koch People Understand it's Time to Respect the Moderate. Y'all Got Your Bright Eyed Conservative. It's Time to Make America Healthy....

Fun Fact Sharyn Bovat Was Engaged (Ring and All) to This Guy in the Early Mid Eighties. He's VERY Credible.... and I Think WANTS the Keystone Pipeline

Years ago my mom told me I could feel a pea under my mattress.  I KNOW I will never know what she meant: Has something to do with my DNA.  

For the first time in my life.... I get it!!!  It's classified and I will NEVER know.  I do know that the RNC is my family, which is ODD since my grandfather was connected to Kennedy's CIA and my mom a Democrat.  Oh Well. 

Too many odd things have happened.  All I want is to "fit in" and those same words were told to me by a member of the Log Cabin club: All they want is to "fit in."  A Cuban American said that at National events they feel "less Republican" the new group has alienated many of us.  It's sad.  

Maybe because of my DNA I have the Credibility that terrified NISSAN executives that made me the corporations #2 Security Risk?   Again All I want is to "fit in" 

Please help me & at the same time expose LOTS of  fraud and Crony Capitlaism. 
Whoever I'm related too must have  been pretty damn tough:):)