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Cuban Blogger & Frequent Flier Yoani Sanchez Comments on Marco Rubio are WHY I Believe it's Time to Integrate SLOWLY By Sending Delegations of Experienced Researchers with Their Children to Cuba. It's Important for RESPECT to Happen in the Transitions Which Will Happen Within 5 Years.

Sanchez acknowledged that the US policy towards Cuba is not entirely shaped by Obama She is also interested in the views of Florida senator Marco Rubio, a Cuban American.
Rubio is opposed to lifting the trade embargo, or providing any of the kind of aid provided by the unrestricted travel and money transfers to the island. He recently blasted colleagues and Americans who visit Cuba, saying that travelers are leaving "thousands of dollars in the hands of a government that uses that money to control these people that you feel sorry for".
Sanchez said: "I respect the different opinions on the embargo. Why? Because they are born out concern for Cuba. There are people who believe the embargo will help Cuba become more democratized. There are also those of us who believe Cuba will become more democratized without it. But all of us agree that we want democracy in Cuba."
Though Sanchez wants to see an end to the embargo, she warns that the US needs to be "cautious" that lifting the embargo does not "end up breathing life into a regime that is on its last legs".

Email Sent to Marsha Blackburn's Office for Assistance in Getting ...
Mar 4, 2013 – Voice of a Moderate - Sharyn Bovat Average America's Advocate ... A Mother/ Daughter delegation is being formed to travel to cuba in spring ...
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