***UPDATE*** DOD Whistleblower Tells James Clapper That It's Ridicules That Mike Vickers (The Guy That Should Have Told Obama About Incoming ISIS Threat) Is NOW on the Board of BAE. Sometimes in Life There is NO JUSTICE Just More War. The American People are NOT Happy. There Should Be a Law the Does NOT Allow for IC Leaders to Be on War Toy Boards for 5 Years AFTER they Retire.

We're ending year 3 of a 5- 7 year plan to "clean up" the IC.  

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People have been forced into retirement or "will be"...  The President can't be blamed for ALL the problems.  I still find it "odd" I know about the ISIS threat before Obama.  http://voice-of-a-moderate.blogspot.com/2015/11/dod-whistleblower-asks-intelligence.html

Back I thought  his top spook Mike Vickers should have told him about incoming ISIS problem (back then it was still un-named). Heck even "if" Obama  didn't want to know. It's the job of the IC leadership to provide the best data in the PDB's.   

Mike Vickers  - Gone but will try to keep the "war toy" sales moving fast 

 — VICKERS JOINS BAE BOARD: Former Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Michael Vickers has joined the board of directors of BAE Systems, the company is announcing today. Vickers is being appointed to a three-year term that began Dec. 1, BAE said. Vickers was undersecretary for intelligence from 2011 through this year, when he left the Pentagon.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/tipsheets/morning-defense/2015/12/pentagon-to-expand-special-operations-against-isil-obama-warns-putin-of-a-new-afghanistan-vickers-joins-bae-systems-board-211532#ixzz3tBdw8fAC

Jon Rymer - Leaving 

Pentagon Inspector General Jon Rymer resigning in January

Military Times-Nov 30, 2015
The Defense Department's inspector general is stepping down after a little more than two years on the job. Jon Rymer, the independent ...
The Pentagon's top watchdog is resigning
Washington Post-Nov 30, 2015
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