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Anne Marie Slaughter Please Tell Elizabeth Warren i Wanted to Hear Her Speak at New America BUT I Believe Fuzz Hogan Blacklisted This Blogger For My Benghazi Whistleblower Whistleblowing: Bradley Podliska PROVEN a Fraud & Exposed By Sharyn Bovat is NOW Blacklisted By Clinton Backers

Good Morning Fuzz Hogan :):) 

A friend of mine at GOOGLE suggested i "educate" Fuzz Hogan on ALL the GOOD I've done & tell him that my "quirky" writing style is just the side affects of being a blogger that's disabled.  I have dyslexia & ADHD.  I would like to say that I admire a lot of the work  New America does & is filled with ethical & smart people... yet some of their fellow have been rude, dismissive & have condescendingly spoken to me.  Even when my questions were not only appreciated by their speakers some have used my suggestions on upcoming legislation.  

Anyway I'm not perfect & a few months ago after Sharon Burke hurt my feelings I sent out a tweet that ticked off one of the New America fellow.  Even though I was wronged apologized. 

New America you should tell your crew that "if you can't handle Twitter you should 'get out' of politics".....  

Maybe New America shouldn't put ALL it's eggs in the Hillary Clinton basket?   Still I wanted to see Elizabeth Warren speak.  I'm a blogger/researcher/analyst who has a focus group of independent/moderate voters who have voted for BOTH Democratic & Republican presidential candidate.  My predictions in the past have been as accurate as Nate Silver.  

Anyway below is an issue that was BIG & I'm the journalist that broke the story.  Sadly it was ignored by the MSM & because of that I fear the families that lost loved ones in the Benghazi attack will not get justice.  Although I do have a bit of hope ... a lady from the DOJ thought it was "relevant"... i have no idea what that meant.   

Fuzz Hogan I hold no grudges.... I noticed on your Linkedin Profile you worked at CNN & I have a great Ted Turner story from the 90's ... maybe if you ever open your doors to people that didn't attend prestigious universities that don't "Fit the mold" because they were born with a communications disabilities then maybe we could have a beer. I'm sure you'll find that I'm not only as smart as people at New America you'll find that my EQ is "off the chart" high.  Still I don't expect to ever be welcome at New America cause people that have the "perfect bio" don't want people like me to succeed.  It's just human nature. 


I exposed Bradley Posliska as being a FRAUD before Hillary Clinton spoke to the Benghazi Committee... I was called by his lawyer & I have it ON AUDIO of me being bullied.  I finally told the lawyer to SUE ME if I was wrong.... quietly later he backed down.

Here's a picture of me (Sharyn Bovat) telling the Benghazi committee in October.  

If the MSM would like to report how Hillary Clinton "tampered with elections" by having her supporters do these stunts that obstruct a congressional investigation CALL ME
Sharyn Bovat 615-944-7599.  Pls text or iMessage 1st.

Search Results

Bradley Podliska, ex-Benghazi investigator, walks back Clinton claim ...

The Washington Times
Mar 18, 2016 His attorneys quietly filed an amended complaint on Feb. 20 in which the panel’s alleged anti-Clinton bias is no longer blamed. ... A representative for the Benghazi committee told The Washington Times Friday that the panel cannot comment on ongoing litigation. Last month, before Maj ...

Ex-staffer: Benghazi committee pursuing 'partisan investigation ...

Oct 11, 2015 - Maj. Bradley Podliska, an intelligence officer in the Air Force Reserve who describes himself as a conservative Republican, told CNN that the ...

Below was posted on Oct 14th.... 

Click HERE for an Update & on the DOD Whistleblower's Benghazi Committee Mike Rogers Problem 

If the FBI would like the information on Mike Roger's muzzling the Benghazi Committee & or the ties of Mike Rogers, Hillary Clinton & Bradley Podiska call me 615-944-7599.
Bradly Podliska I'm making this allegation based on "hard data" and if you want to clarify please call me and I will change this blog post. You can also email me 

Congressman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, is charged with investigating the adequacy of security at the Benghazi compound prior to the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack.
Sussing out the White House’s response to Benghazi is a critical step in clearing the shadows from the incident, but there are other players in the drama as well, including Rep. Rogers, and possibly also including a private military contracting firm that until recently was run by his wife, Kristi Rogers. Mike and Kristi Rogers are quintessential Washington insiders. A seven-term Republican from Michigan, Mike Rogers climbed the political ladder to become chairman of the Intelligence Committee in January 2011. Kristi Rogers, after years of government service in mid-level administrative positions, moved to the private sector, joining the British-based security contractor Aegis Defense Services to help open its U.S. subsidiary. The newsletter Intelligence Online noted that thanks to Ms. Rogers’ efforts, “Aegis won several major contracts with the U.S. administration.”
Read more:

The Mainstream Media calls Clinton a winner: The problem is the Mainstream Media doesn't vote, the "2nd server" will bring Hillary down!

Should Rep. Gowdy question Rep. Rogers on Benghazi ...

The Hill
Nov 24, 2014 - Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) ... (All quotations from Rogers come from the House Intelligence Committee report; those "answers" by ... 11 attack in Benghazi, and described the origins of the Benghazi attack as a "spontaneous protest," ... The Bush campaign denies the claim and says the woman spoke for herself.

Hillary Clinton Passes Her First Major Test minutes ago
At last night's first Democratic presidential debate, Hillary Clintonlooked good, and the rest of the field made her look great. It was the Harlem ...
Hillary Clinton Wins Big in Vegas
In-Depth-The New Yorker-6 hours ago
Hillary Clinton Stands Her Ground
Blog-U.S. News & World Report (blog)-2 hours ago



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